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LED Rotating Beacons Lights


Emergency Lighting

LED Rotating Beacons Lights - HYF-5781 | HYF-5781 LED Rotating Lights

HYF-5781 LED Rotating Lights

LED Beacon suitable for a huge number of vehicles from cars and vans,

HGVs, utility vehicles, refuse and recycling trucks, street cleaners, agricultural, right through to earth movers.


  • LED / rotating provide high quality and cost-effective lighting solutions, specifically for the treatment of industrial materials. These lamps are very suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications. Rugged reinforced nylon base and polycarbonate lenses.
  • With High Power LED output the powerful rotating patterns which meets SAE and E1 of 360 degree visibility.
  • Permanent mount is well known market standard and available in amber, blue, red, and green lens.


  • LED Rotating light
  • Volt System: 12VDC, 24VDC
  • High Power LEDs
  • AMECA PC lens , Nylon Base
  • Dia. 154mm X H.152mm


  • LENS Color: Red / Amber / Blue / Green.


  • Цветная коробка упакована, 12ПК / 14кг / 2,78 '

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