Industrial Horn

HYF-370E Industrial Horn / YARTON, a leading auto horns warning equipment Taiwan manufacturer with 47-year-experience, will present it's innovative warning device as LED warning lights, solar panel warning lights, back-up alarm, electric horns and more.

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Industrial Horn


Electronic Horn (Multi-Sound)

Industrial Horn - HYF-370E | HYF-370E Industrial Horn

HYF-370E Industrial Horn


  • Long Live Designed Electronic Horn.
  • It outputs at 115dB / 2m (119dB / 1m).
  • Up to 500,000 times of live cycle design base on OEM stringent requirements.
  • Suitable for all type of vehicles include Hybrid vehicles such as forklift, constriction machine.
  • Available wide range AC/DC voltage from 12V up to 220V.
  • Made in Taiwan.


  • Electronic Horn
  • 110/230VAC/DC 115±5dB.
  • 24/48VAC/DC 115±5dB.
  • Single horn high tone .


  • Black Painted Steel Cover.


  • Brown Box Packed, 24 PCS / 15 Kgs / 1.9'.


  • 123 mm.

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