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LED Navigation SideLights


LED Horizontal Navigation Light

LED Navigation SideLights - HYF-7611-2 | HYF-7611-2 LED Horizontal Navigation Light

HYF-7611-2 LED Horizontal Navigation Light

Lights for these boats must be manufactured in accordance with the American Boat and Yacht Council (A.B.Y.C.) Standard A-16.
One pair includes Port and Starboard lights.
Compact deck mount LED navigation lamps , power saving and reliable, low current draw .
No bulbs , No maintenance, long service life.


  • .Stainless Steel
  • .Ultra Low Profile
  • .Red and Green 12V L.E.D.'s
  • .Uses 10% of the Energy Draw of Standard Lights
  • .Low Heat
  • .Long Life
  • .L.E.D.'s have no user serviceable parts


  • 112.5° Light Horizontal
  • Voltage : 12V
  • Color : Green / RED
  • Available in 1-NM and 2-Nm


  • LED Color: Green, Red

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