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LED Strobe Light


LED Strobe Truck Light

LED Strobe Light - HYF-8651CA | HYF-8651CA LED Strobe Light

HYF-8651CA LED Strobe Light


  • LED Strobe Truck Lights are virtually maintenance-free; never replace bulbs or flash tube.
  • Powerful Super bright LED which meets SAE Class 1 and CE.
  • The Heavy-duty grade LED Strobe Taillight is made in 6 inch oval Size.
  • Available in amber, blue, red and clear and the volt system from DC10V through 30V.


  • Dia. 6 inch LED Strobe light
  • Multi pattern: 8 Patterns switchable
  • Available in DC12V, DC12V-30V.
  • 57 LEDs : SAE Class 1
  • PC Lens , Base , IP65
  • Mount: Grommet
  • Mount: 2 holes flange (HYF-8661)
  • Color available in LENS and LED


  • LED Color: Amber, Blue, Red, White.


  • Color Box Packed, 50 PCS / 17.5Kgs / 2.5'.


  • 6 inch.

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