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LED Working Truck Light


LED Working Lights, LED Truck Light

LED Working Truck Light - HYF-840 | HYF-840 LED Working Lights

HYF-840 LED Working Lights


  • LED Working lights are virtually maintenance-free; never replace bulbs.
  • With powerful High Power LED output and 3 designed Lens pattern offer wide visible area distance.
  • The Commercial grade LED Working Lamp is made in heavy-duty and Hybrid vehicle use.
  • Available in clear, amber, and the volt system from DC10V through 110V.


  • 4 inch Round Par 36 Work Light.
  • 320 Effective Lumens; 690 Raw Lumens.
  • 12-24V DC.
  • Clear Polycarbonate Lens.
  • Heavy-Duty Rubber Housing.


  • LED Color: Red / Amber / Blue / White Available


  • White Box Packed, 50 PCS / 16.7Kgs / 2.5'.

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