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Stainless Steel Trumpet Horn


Stainless Steel Marine Horn

Stainless Steel Trumpet Horn - HYF-305LT | HYF-305LT Electric Trumpet Horn

HYF-305LT Electric Trumpet Horn


  • Marine Electric Trumpet Horn.
  • It outputs at 115dB / 2m (119dB / 1m).
  • Stainless Steel for all parts for better condition in salt water.
  • Suitable for boat and truck.
  • Available DC12V, 24V.
  • Made in Taiwan.


  • 12VDC 6A 115±5dB.
  • 24VDC 3A 115±5dB.
  • 36VDC 3A 115±5dB.
  • Long Trumpet: 465mm.
  • Short Turmpet: 410mm.
  • Twin Horn with High & Low Tone.
  • All Stainless to Avoid Rust.


  • White Box Packed, 10 PCS / 16.5Kgs/ 5.5'.

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