Stainless Steel Air Horn(HYF-205)

Truck Air Horn / 雅同公司有領先的汽車喇叭,警報設備都在台灣製造,擁有47年的經驗,將目前它的創新的報警裝置、LED 警示燈、太陽能警示燈、倒車警報器、電子式喇叭等。

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Stainless Steel Air Horn


Truck Air Horn

Stainless Steel Air Horn - HYF-205 | HYF-205 Heavy-Duty Air Horn

HYF-205 Heavy-Duty Air Horn

Sound signal.
The sound signal is an integral part of any vehicle.
Provide signals to prevent an emergency.
This classification contains several types of sound signals. It can be installed and used on ships, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles and motor boats.
1. Electronic signal (snail, monophonic forging, two-color forging)
2. Air signal (pneumatic with compressor)
3. Air forging (compressed gas cylinder)


  • Heavy-Duty Air Horn produces a powerful sound.
  • The Commercial grade Air Horn is made for heavy-duty Truck and Marine use.


  • All Stainless Steel Marine Air Horn.
  • Audible sound up to 1600 m.
  • Frequency: 380Hz.
  • Working pressure: 400-450 kPa.
  • HYF-205A, Length: 285mm
  • HYF-205B, Length: 385mm.
  • HYF-205C, Length: 430mm.
  • Square is Available


  • Color Box Packed, 20 PCS / CTN.

直徑 (Dia.)

  • 94 mm.